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We start with tobacco dependence …

… and serve an exceedingly large and uncovered need!

The target group

The uncovered need in tobacco cessation

About 60% want to start by smoking less cigarettes

= A gentle initiation into quitting!

Currently, there is a lack of a digital, therapeutic reduction solution that is practical for everyday use.

It needs to specifically prepare body and mind for quitting smoking, meaning it must reactivate the ability to abstain and effectively motivate towards cessation.

  • About 10% attempt an immediate cessation each year or try switching to alternative products. Despite numerous support offers (nicotine replacement therapy, courses, hypnosis, acupuncture and much more), there are very high relapse rates.


  • About 30% do not wish to change their smoking behaviour

CiQuit – First ‚less‘ smoking as a bridge to an abstinence-oriented application!

The patented solution

Relearning not to smoke!

  • Digital

  • Step by step

  • Suitable for everyday use

CiQuit-Box = Reconditioning

  • The box accompanies 24/7 and enables unlearning smoking at the exact moment of craving!

CiQuit-App = Relearning Smoke-Free

  • The app – Permanent maintenance of motivation and AI-supported roadmap to abstinence!

CiQuit provides 24/7 support and unlearn smoking at the exact moment of craving!

The market

Globally, over 1 billion people smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes! 

Most smokers want to reduce their cigarette consumption before they consider quitting smoking completely.

Our offer:

  • Reduction without craving

  • Reactivation of the ability to abstain

  • Building anticipation for smoke-free life

    CiQuit – Perfectly integrated into the everyday lives of smokers!

    Payment models

    Coverage by employers

    Corporate Health Promotion offers tax benefits in many countries to support smoking employees in quitting.

    Coverage by health insurance

    The costs of the CiQuit Box and the CiQuit App are covered by health insurance in many countries as a medical device according to MDR I and as a Digital Health Application (DiGA).

    Subscription model for self-payers

    The subscription model is linked to the duration of use of the CiQuit application.

    CiQuit – Together, making the world a bit healthier!

    The problem

    Quit smoking with
    inability to abstain

    = high relapse rates

    The solution

    Quit smoking with
    ability to abstain

    = high success rates

    CiQuit restores the physical and mental ability to abstain!

    The Patented Innovation

    The inability to abstain is the main reason why smokers do not manage to stay smoke-free permanently. The primary task, therefore, is to restore the smoker’s ability to abstain before an attempt to quit and simultaneously to drastically increase the motivation to quit smoking.

    The Scientific Background

    Smoking manifests itself in regions of the brain to which free will has no access.
    The process of smoking must therefore be shifted to brain regions that allow reconditioning. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    The Proof-of-Principle Study

    The proof-of-principle study impressively demonstrated that all indicators of the inability to abstain were significantly improved after just 8 weeks of use. The detailed results are summarised here.

    The Patent

    The EU patent was granted in November 2023, as well as in India and the Eurasian Union. In the USA, China and other countries with large populations and high smoking rates, patents are under review or close to being granted.

    Our B2B Cooperation Partners

    Increasing employee health, reducing healthcare costs and expanding the product range are the key benefits of working in partnership with our various B2B customers.

    Cooperations with Companies

    CiQuit opens up a new way to drastically increase the motivation of the smoking workforce on two factors:
    1. to change smoking behaviour and 2. to seek help in quitting smoking. x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

    Cooperations with Health Insurance Funds

    The extremely low uptake of smoking cessation courses highlights the need for new strategies and offerings in tobacco cessation. CiQuit presents a compelling solution for all parties involved.

    Cooperations with Pharma-Companies

    Smoking reduces the effectiveness of medical interventions. CiQuit opens up new sales potential worldwide through the accompanying CiQuit application in various therapies of the individual pharmaceutical companies.

    Tobacco Cessation – A Global Challenge

    Tobacco consumption is the main cause of preventable diseases and premature deaths worldwide, as well as a significant factor in environmental damage. The high addictive potential of nicotine is ultimately the reason why smokers are so reluctant to quit, which emphasises the need for new solutions.

    The Crowded Market - Quit Smoking “Now"!

      Only a few smokers are willing to quit, despite many offers of help. At the same time, existing smoking cessation offers have relatively high relapse rates. Switching to substitutes is neither easy nor desirable.

    The Healthcare Gap - Smoke „Less" First!

    Many smokers wish to reduce their consumption before quitting completely. To date, there is no suitable support available that adequately prepares both body and mind for abstinence.

    Smoking - A Global Overview

    Tobacco consumption is the leading preventable cause of premature mortality worldwide. Additionally, the production and consumption of tobacco products cause immense environmental damage.

    Statements from the pilot study

    „Very good thing, thanks to the control I was able to reduce my cigarette consumption from 18-20 to an average of 13 after just 8 weeks.“
    Rainer W.

    „So, I’m very enthusiastic, I’m on day 30 and I can only say one thing: simply great.“
    Astrid P.

    „The Box has made me realise how often I was reaching for a cigarette without thinking. Now I think before every cigarette whether I really want it and how many I have left to reach my own daily goal.“
    Constanze K.

    „The handling is simple. The Box remembers your smoking behaviour pretty quickly and I have to say, I have to smile every time the access time is increased. Habit becomes mindfulness!“
    Stefan F.

    „I no longer light up a cigarette without thinking or reflecting. I can easily do without one or two. It makes you proud and, in retrospect, happy. I believe it is possible to become a real non-smoker. The brain adapts to it. Great invention!“
    Nils O.

    „Using the Box is currently helping me a lot to become aware of smoking. I’ve often said to myself in the past: I really must stop smoking or at least cut down! From tomorrow…. And the next day you’re in the habit and it takes a long time to remember (if at all). The Box makes me remember before every cigarette.“
    Nicole B.

    „Thanks to the Box, I’ve been smoke-free for a week. I’ve finally managed to quit. Thank you very much.“
    Knut F.

    Better healthcare is our mission

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